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Madhya Pradesh Pilot Clinic Nears Completion!

We are excited to announce that the finishing touches are being put on the Raghogahr, Madhya Pradesh pilot clinic. This is the first of five clinics to be built in Central India, providing care for over 20,000 people. This project, which broke ground in December of 2015, focuses on maternal, pediatric and non-communicable diseases.

Until now, this region did not have adequate healthcare facilities to serve the local population. With the government-run healthcare facilities unable to serve those in need,  people had no option but to turn to costly private hospitals to seek care. However, about 50 percent of those living in Madhya Pradesh are living under the poverty line and one in four children living in India suffer child deaths, commonly due to malnourishment and a lack of access to medical treatment. There is a great need for affordable, accessible healthcare in Madhya Pradesh.


Photos by Studio JKOE

The 3030 Project and Construction for Change—partnered with Optimize Health—aim to change that by building five healthcare clinics in the areas lacking medical facilities most. Upon completion of this project, 235,000 people will have access to primary care, prenatal care and health education facilities at an affordable cost.

We are eager to share the finished clinic with you and start on the next four clinics.

Thank you to everyone who gave to this important and much needed pilot project. Your generous donations will provide thousands with access to healthcare.


Construction workers on the Madhya Pradesh pilot clinic. Photo by Studio JKOE


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