Ndlovu Care Group

Ndlovu Care Group– Limpopo, South Africa

  • Impact: This facility will serve over 7,600 HIV+ individuals in need of antiretroviral treatment and will provide the Ndlovu Care Group with an HIV/AIDS vaccine and tuberculosis vaccine research facility.
  • Why Limpopo, South Africa: The areas served by this facility are considered “Presidential Poverty Nodes of Rural South Africa”. They see high unemployment rates, low education rates and prenatal HIV rates between 19 and 27 percent.
  • Project Partners: Ndlovu Care Group (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Infectious Disease Research Institute)  


  • The Ndlovu Research Center (Part II) is a two-story solar-powered facility, which features a patient waiting area and care clinic with a one floor research facility and laboratory.  
  • This facility is currently under construction and is projected to be finished in the Fall of 2017.

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