Partners In Health – Neno District

Partners in Health – Neno, Neno District, Malawi

  • Impact: The Outpatient Department at Neno District Hospital will serve as the primary outpatient facility for 20,000 people in Neno District, in addition to providing specialty services and referral support to over 80,000 people. We anticipate over 200,000 visits per year, including pediatric care, acute visits for sick patients, visits for patients with chronic illness including HIV, Tuberculosis, hypertension, and diabetes, as well as for integrated women’s health services, including antenatal care, cervical cancer screening, and family planning.
  • Why Neno? 1 in 10 adults are HIV+
  • Project Partners: Partners in Health

About the Facility:

This will be a comprehensive outpatient department for both acute and chronic illnesses in patients of all ages. The facility will be designed in order to ensure the efficient flow of patients from one  point to another while getting the care and services they need and providing a dignified environment for patients to receive care.